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Renewing Your SentriCard® and Updating Your Lockbox

Your SentriCard® does two things: it contains authorization data that allows you to access key compartments of lockboxes when you show listings, and it moves important data between lockboxes and the SentriLock Server. By renewing your SentriCard® periodically, you maintain both of those functions.

The SentriLock system improves security by requiring you to renew authorization data on your SentriCard® regularly to keep it active. Your Association sets your renewal period, so ask them how often to renew (if they have not already told you). You renew your SentriCard® by inserting it into a smart card reader attached to a computer with Internet access. See the How to Renew a SentriCard® topic in the REALTOR® Lockbox Owner's Guide for details.

Renewing early and often will not harm your SentriCard®, and we recommend it to improve access log reporting for all members of your Association. Renewing early is like topping the "gas tank," assuring you always have the maximum amount of time remaining on your SentriCard®. This reduces your chance of accidentally "running out of gas" by forgetting to renew before your SentriCard® expires.

Allowing your SentriCard® to expire does not permanently harm the SentriCard®, but it prevents you from opening lockboxes until you renew your SentriCard® again.

Each lockbox you own stores several settings that control how the lockbox operates (for example: contractor codes; homeowner do not disturb code). The SentriLock Server also stores a separate copy of these settings. When you need to change the settings in one of your lockboxes, you begin by changing the settings on the SentriLock Server. You do this from your personal computer by logging in to the REALTOR® Lockbox Web Site with the SentriLock Card Utility. After you change settings on the SentriLock Server, you renew your SentriCard®, and then insert your SentriCard® into your lockbox. The lockbox reads the changes from your SentriCard®, and illuminates its CODE light after it finishes updating its settings (this takes just a few seconds).

In addition to transferring lockbox setting changes, your SentriCard® may exchange the following types of information with the SentriLock Server when you renew:

Whenever you use the REALTOR® Lockbox Web Site or SentriLock Card Utility to change your information on the SentriLock Server, you need to renew your SentriCard®. You may also need to update your lockboxes, as the above examples show.

From time to time your Association may change settings that affect its members. For example, your Association may change the SentriCard® renewal period. You receive these changes from your Association by renewing your SentriCard®. After making such a change, your Association may ask you to renew your SentriCards® sooner than would otherwise be necessary, so you receive the new settings quickly.

You may also use your SentriCard® to update the internal clock in your lockboxes. The lockbox needs to keep accurate time because many functions on the REALTOR® Lockbox Web Site depend on it (for example, the Default Access Time Matrix window). Each lockbox comes from the factory with its clock already set to the correct time, and it should maintain accurate time for the life of the battery. When you need to change the lockbox battery, you must reset the lockbox clock to the correct time. For more information, see Setting the Lockbox Clock in the SentriLock FAQ at this URL:

As you can see, renewing your SentriCard® early and often is not just a chore; it transmits vital information for you and your entire Association, helping you to work more efficiently.

Last update to this topic: Tuesday, May 30, 2006.

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